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We offer a patient-centered approach where we take the time to listen. Unlike the NHS appointment times allow such an approach. There are no long waiting times so you can be seen quickly increasing the likelihood of swift resolution to your problem. We also offer support. This can take many forms from encouragement with ongoing exercise and rehabilitation through advice with regard to self-management. If it is felt that the treatment you are receiving is not helping enough then guidance will be given as to your next step down the road to recovery.


In my experience websites give the author/owner a chance to promise anything and everything. It is impossible to check up on all the fantastical claims that are made. I have lost count of the number of Osteos/Physios and Chiropractors whose website says that they work with Olympic or professional sports teams. My cousin recently saw an individual in Devon who claimed to be head of Bath Rugby medical department. He wasn’t!

I checked, but not everybody does. So what is it we can offer? Honesty? Integrity? Yes to both but is that important to you? Speed of recovery? Can I get you better quickly? Sometimes yes but a lot depends on the individual sat in front of me. A breadth of experience? Definitely. Whilst this comes naturally with being in practice for over 25 years, a continuing hunger for further education also adds to my knowledge base. However, perhaps the most effective way of making a decision about whether to come in for treatment would be to talk to us.Ask me questions. Trust your instinct.


Appointments will usually last between 30 to 45 minutes. A consultation in the Worcester practice will cost £36 Whilst in Cheltenham the price is £38 These fees are subject to review every January. Duncan’s treatment costs are covered by a number of health insurance companies such as

Before seeking treatment under your scheme please refer to your insurance provider to ensure you have coverage.


Duncan has spent nearly thirty years treating members of the public. This equates to approximately forty thousand osteopathic treatments given. This breadth of clinical experience has allowed him to help patients of all ages in their recovery process. Before setting up his own osteopath practices he spent thirteen years working at a variety of clinics. These varied from small one-man band clinics where Duncan was Receptionist, Osteopath, and chief bottle washer, to much larger multidisciplinary centres working alongside Physios, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Homeopaths and many others. The advantage of working in proximity to other practitioners is the knowledge that if Duncan can’t help you then the chances are he knows somebody else who can. (Only the most deluded of individuals believes they can help everybody!)

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I see Duncan several times a year to get my pelvis and lower back corrected. The sports physios at the club offer fantastic treatment but they don’t manipulate and really get stuck into my back like Duncan does. I always feel two inches taller when I leave. Brilliant stuff!

Chris H

Professional Footballer