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If you’ve been thinking about seeing an osteopath, you might be wondering what to expect. Osteopathy is a practice of patient-centred care where you’ll be listened to and thoroughly examined. A first appointment normally lasts between 45 mins to an hour, so the osteopath can:

Listen to your concerns and ask questions to better their understanding.

Find out about your overall health.

Ask about other medications or treatments you are currently receiving. All information you provide will be strictly confidential.

An examination will then take place. You are more than welcome to take a relative or friend with as a chaperone.

The osteopath will likely ask you to carry out a series of stretches and movements to help you improve your mobility and posture. It is often the case with the human body that a pain or stiffness experienced in one area is actually due to a problem elsewhere.

The osteopath will examine your joints, ligaments and tissues with their hands to find how healthy they are. They use a skilled method called palpation to feel these areas by hand. Read more here…