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Facts About Muscles

Without our muscles, we wouldn’t be able to move. Muscles help us to do everything, whether tiny blinks or movements of the eyes or running down the road. Some of the muscles you can control, such as your biceps for throwing an object but other muscles are moved...

Fascinating Facts About Bones

The human body is an amazing thing and scientists are always making new and incredible discoveries about what it’s capable of. Here are some fascinating facts about our ingenious bones: The Smallest Bone The smallest bone in the body is called the stirrup bone. This...

What to expect when visiting and Osteopath

What to expect when visiting and Osteopath

If you’ve been thinking about seeing an osteopath, you might be wondering what to expect. Osteopathy is a practice of patient-centred care where you’ll be listened to and thoroughly examined. A first appointment normally lasts between 45 mins to an hour, so the...