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Without our muscles, we wouldn’t be able to move. Muscles help us to do everything, whether tiny blinks or movements of the eyes or running down the road. Some of the muscles you can control, such as your biceps for throwing an object but other muscles are moved without thinking, such as those that help you breathe or blink. Here are some fascinating muscle facts you might not know:

  1. Three groups
    Muscles are separated into three different groups – cardiac, skeletal and smooth. Smooth muscles are the ones you move without thinking, such as those found in blood vessels and the gut. Cardiac muscles are those that make your heart work. Skeletal muscles are those attached to bones that help you to sit, stand, walk and all other everyday activities.
  2. There are over 600 muscles inside your body
    That’s a lot of muscles! This figure includes all those in your legs, arms and those unseen deep inside your body. There are far more muscles than bones – 600 compared to 206. Click here to read more.