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The human body is an amazing thing and scientists are always making new and incredible discoveries about what it’s capable of. Here are some fascinating facts about our ingenious bones:

The Smallest Bone
The smallest bone in the body is called the stirrup bone. This is one of the 3 bones inside the middle ear and it only measures between 2-3mm. It is a u-shaped bone that takes in sound vibrations and transfers them to the cochlea for interpretation by the brain.

The Strongest and Largest
The toughest bone in the human body is the femur. It goes from the hip to the knee and can take forces of up to 2,500 pounds! Only extremely strong force can break it, for example being hit by a car or a long fall but it can take many months to heal properly.

Most Bones
The area in the body with the most bones is the hands. There are 27 bones in each hand which makes up more than half of the total number of bones in the whole body.

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