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Achilles Tendonitis or Tendinopathy

What was once called Achilles tendonitis (now Tendinopathy) is a common injury typically occurring in runners or other athletes. Usually presenting with pain locally around the tendon or heel, it is typically worse when standing . Quite often mornings are especially bad for the first few steps. Research now tells us that no inflammatory cells are present . This is why there is – opathy rather than the -itis in the name.

Two descriptions of the type of Tendinopathy exist. Insertional and mid-portion . The naming depends on the exact location of the injury which can present in slightly different ways.CM-Osteopath-Services

What causes it?

The most common trigger for this problem are changes and errors in training. This can be alterations in gait, cadence, stride pattern, running distance , uphill running and speed for example.

Whilst this is a general rule of thumb , other factors can increase risk. These include


2.previous Achilles problems.

3.poor ankle movement in dorsiflexion ( toes and foot pulling towards the head).

4.increased ankle pronation.

5.certain types of antibiotics !

In the next post I will talk about the stages of tendinopathy . We will then look a tsome aspects of rehab that can be done at home to start the repair process.