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Back Pain - OsteopathsThe back is designed to bend and move.

What is perfect posture?
Shoulders back chest out? Straight spine? Scapulas flush against the thorax? Pelvis level? Stick your bum out or is it in? Flat tummy? But what about my diaphragmatic breathing?

To sit in my car i find it difficult to adopt the correct text book position. I have to sink into the seat and whisper it…’ slouch’!!
However, no evidence has been produced that conclusively suggests that slouching his a cause of back pain. If you were to stand on guard outside Buckingham Palace for 6 hours without moving. Upright and immobile you most likely would hurt. Being too rigid is equally dangerous.
It is the inactivity that results in the discomfort. MOVE!!
Move and move REGULARLY. It’s really as easy as that. Well, sort of😉.