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The Cheltenham Back Pain Clinic. This was the name I decided on putting in the A frame road side outside Cameron-Mitchell Osteopaths new home on St.Margaret’s Terrace.

Does what it says on the tin as the old advert goes. It seems pretty clear that if you have a back issue of any sort this is the place to go to get it treated. Yet there are other fundamental issues that arise from the sign.

Are Osteopaths back pain specialists alone? Is that all they treat? What about Physios? I thought Osteopaths did massage? Do they rehab back problems like Physios? Aren’t Chiropractors back pain people?

Understanding what options you have as a patient these days can be overwhelming. The internet can provide information and misinformation. In these days of ‘fake news’ patients need to be aware of ‘fake testimonials’ and ‘fake experience’.

Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists all can offer treatment , both good and bad , for back pain. The quality of the treatment will depend wholly on the practitioner. Their hunger to stay informed with up to date knowledge, ability to build rapport with the patient and good old fashioned experience.

Keep an eye out for the sign and if you have any questions about whether we can help then feel free to call.