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Oh the melancholy of Autumn. The evening light is starting to disappear and Thursday night tennis is getting shorter and shorter. It won’t be long before I come home in the dark.

The natural consequence of this seasonal change is a great reduction in the activity level. Less welcoming weather makes us disinclined to go out again in the evening and slowly hibernation takes place.

HOWEVER, this is a very, very bad thing indeed.  As a result of this decreased activity levels my back starts to feel the consequence of sitting in the car for several hours a week. My middle age inflexibilty becomes more pronounced as I choose to miss yoga on a Saturday morning instead deciding that a cooked breakfast in the Boston tea rooms plus large coffee is preferable. By not having the lighter evenings I find that I stop using my kettlebells even if it was only twenty minutes that I was doing from April till September. My muscle mass quickly melts away and I wonder why when all I’ve done is half an hour in the garden, my back begins to hurt.

‘What about your tennis?’ you ask me. Well, that’s on Sunday night. at 7:30. Why would I choose to go out then? Cosy Sunday night telly. So I don’t burn off that chocolate from the Saturday night and I don’t get to run around and swear at myself so my blood pressure rises a jot. I don’t get to have a laugh and socialise and my mood depresses week by week until I wonder why I’m feeling down in February.

….and yet it’s all so preventable with a little self-motivation.

….and maybe some good CBT, but don’t get me started an the NHS and 17 week waiting lists for people with mental health issues.